Mediation Agreement

A draft Mediation Agreement will be circulated to the parties prior to the mediation.

  • Venue
    The venue should be agreed upon and arranged and paid for by the parties. Kerry can arrange rooms on her floor in MLC Centre, costs on application.

  • Preliminary conference
    Preliminary conferences are not always necessary but can be useful, particularly in multi-party proceedings.

  • Position papers and bundles of documents
    Position papers and bundles of documents are required unless otherwise agreed.

  • Authority to Settle
    As per the draft Mediation Agreement, ‘Each Party must be represented at the Mediation conference by a person or persons having or able during the course of the mediation to obtain authority to settle the Dispute.’

  • Payment terms
    Payment should be made within 30 days of the issue of my tax invoice.


  • One day mediation $4,250 plus GST + $500 per hour
  • Half day mediation and conclaves $2,500 plus GST + $500 per hour

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Kerry has been an independent mediator since 2013 and is accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System. Learn more about Kerry’s professional history.